EPL Tips

I’m an independent tipster service offering my own personal recommendations on weekly EPL matches. I’ve been a fan of England’s top division all my life. I live, eat and sleep football. After decades of watching the sport and becoming a regular bettor in the last few years, I decided to share my knowledge with public.

My dream for EPL tips is to provide a completely free tipster service. I also want to provide up to date and relevant information on premier league clubs so you can make informed betting decisions.

Weekly EPL Tips

I’ll be releasing weekly tips on the premier league games. These will be based on my knowledge formed from experience and looking at stats of players and clubs involved. I will also try to highlight any great bets when I see them. My goal is to help you earn money from football.

No Bias

Here’s the best part, some tipster sites suffer from their experts having personal bias. I don’t actually support any EPL clubs. I support Peterborough United and AC Milan. So, no danger of me always picking my favourite club as we can’t see Peterborough battling to the top just yet.

“Peterborough United’s South Family Stand beginning to fill up” by Rodney Burton is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Betting on Football Makes it More Fun

As fun as watching football is, there’s something more enjoyable about betting on games particularly the ACCA betting. It gives the game more importance to the viewer and give us an increased feeling of excitement. Soon as I started betting on football, I realised that it only enhanced my love for football. Naturally, you can’t always win even if you win the occasional goalscorer bet but I always think of the long run and whether I am up or down on a monthly basis. That’s all that counts to me.

Record Keeping

I can’t get enough of Excel spreadsheets. I always recommend them to anyone who starts betting. You don’t have to be a wizard to create a workable spreadsheet. Having good records is a way of monitoring and tracking my performance. I don’t set goals per se, but it’s encouraging to see my earnings on a month to month basis and which types of bets work for me.

Tax Free Winnings

I am British with a UK residency so I’m lucky to be in a country where gambling winnings are tax free. I know that’s not the same for everywhere in the world but if you’re a UK resident reading this, don’t worry about the tax implications of gambling winnings. HMRC does not charge any tax on money earnt from sports betting.

“Tax Form” by 401(K) 2013 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Responsible Gambling

Please always remember to gamble responsibly. This means taking regular breaks and using money you can afford to lose. My EPL tips are not guaranteed to earn anyone money. They are sound and solid recommendations based on my own knowledge but there’s no assurance you will win. Please don’t risk vast sums on the basis of my tips. Any form of gambling has risk and it’s always best to be cautious and exercise prudent bankroll management when playing.


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